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What an AMAZING studio!! My son has studied under Mr. Andrew Jawarish (Owner & Chief Instructor) in Taekwondo for five years, even before he was with GTMA (Global Traditional Martial Arts) as a studio owner. He has been an inspiration to my son and is the one instructor responsible for making him into such a wonderful champion martial artist. If you are looking for a martial arts studio that teaches discipline, honor, hard work, respect, and, above all, integrity, then you have found the right place.

Mr. Jawarish is the kind of instructor you will want and need to properly train your child or children because he cares about their success and growth. Other studios in the valley may be in the martial arts business just for the money, but Integrity Martial Arts actually practices what they preach. Mr. Jawarish does not care about his own image or ego. He only cares about his passion for teaching Taekwondo to all who desire to learn. He shows a real mastery of Taekwondo that is difficult, if not impossible to find, in the valley.

Don't be bullied by other studios in the valley who don't have your child's best interest at heart. Integrity Martial Arts is run like a proper martial arts studio: Professional, Efficient, and Student-Focused, based on real traditions and values. I encourage you to check other studios out, but you will ultimately find the best home with the Wolfpack at Integrity Martial Arts.

If you're serious about martial arts, then you should attend a serious martial arts studio. Don't waste your time or other precious resources by getting training that does not focus on making the student's growth in a positive environment. It's your money and you should spend it at a studio that is worth it.

The belts at Integrity Martial Arts are earned through hard work and dedication. They are NEVER just given away or can be bought. Come and see why we and others have followed Mr. Jawarish for years now. You won't be sorry.
Robyn P.
My daughter has trained with Mr Jawarish for many years. He trains with Integrity and respect. My daughter loves training with him and we are excited to train at his new studio.
We love this studio. My husband and I wanted to find something as a family to do with our kids and this was perfect. Andrew is great patient and very kind!
Lisa S.
I have had the pleasure to be instructed by Mr Jawarish at another studio and when Mr Jawarish became owner of his own studio myself and my family have followed him to his new studio. I have had other instructors but not anything like Mr Jawarish. He has a true compassion and humbleness and care for teaching. Especially with children! I would highly recommend this studio to everyone from small children to adults women or men. The studio is clean with all new equipment, state of the art computerized system for sign in and payment and everything is at your fingertips. Family oriented, professional. You will be trained for your specific wants needs whether it be self defense tournaments or just getting in shape it’s all here!
Joshua M.
Best martial arts dojo out in the Temecula, Murrieta area.
Sabrina H.
I have Known Mr. Jawarish for about 7 years, i have watched him grow as a martial artist, train along side him in another style and now get to train under him and with him still. Hes an amazing person, young man and truly has a heart for Martial arts. He has helped my son grow, my son is special needs, he knows how to help my son understand and been patient with my son. He's very family oriented & cares for all his students. His studio is very clean and well taken care of. My son, my mom and i all train together, a Family of Black belts. If your looking for a clean, friendly & very Family oriented studio than this is the place for you.
Stephanie C.
Mr. Jawarish is an awesome young man and an amazing instructor!
Brianna R
My son has always had great interest in Martial Arts. None of the other studios in the area caught my attention. When I read about this studio I decided to give it a chance! Integrity Martial Arts is amazing! They welcomed my son with open arms and they made him gain a confidence I have never seen in him before! Thank you Mr.Jawarish for being patient and instilling confidence for my son! I wouldn’t have it any other way I know while you’re training him he is in good hands and will earn his black belt with amazing support from the wolf pack family!

Get Your Whole Family Involved At Integrity Martial Arts.

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