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Offering Murrieta Expert Taekwondo and Fitness

Family Fun at Integrity Martial Arts

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Offering Murrieta Expert Taekwondo and Fitness


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Kids Martial Arts near Murrieta

Kids Martial Arts

At Integrity Martial Arts, our Kids Martial Arts classes combine discipline, respect, and leadership skills into one high-energy program. We offer training for students all across Murrieta. Learn more today!

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Kids Martial Arts near Murrieta

Teen and Adult Martial Arts

Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or learn practical self-defense skills, our Teen and Adult Martial Arts program has endless benefits. By training in Martial Arts, you'll improve your confidence, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and experience boosted energy in everyday life. Discover the power of martial arts training today!

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Kids Martial Arts near Murrieta

Family Martial Arts

Our Family Martial Arts classes offer fundamental martial arts training and an incredible way for you and your loved ones to bond. This class is great for people all across Murrieta. No prior experience is required.

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Kids Martial Arts near Murrieta

Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness classes are designed to make fitness training fun. We surround you with a great group of new friends and we help you get the most out of every movement. Learn more today.

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Kids Martial Arts near Murrieta

Competition Taekwondo

Our team at Integrity Martial Arts is comprised of Champions. We decided the best way to serve Murrieta was to help create more distinguished athletes. Join our Elite & Performance Competition Taekwondo classes for your chance at success.

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What an AMAZING studio!! My son has studied under Mr. Andrew Jawarish (Owner & Chief Instructor) in Taekwondo for five years, even before he was with GTMA (Global Traditional Martial Arts) as a st...

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Robyn P.

My daughter has trained with Mr Jawarish for many years. He trains with Integrity and respect. My daughter loves training with him and we are excited to train at his new studio....

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We love this studio. My husband and I wanted to find something as a family to do with our kids and this was perfect. Andrew is great patient and very kind!...

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Lisa S.

I have had the pleasure to be instructed by Mr Jawarish at another studio and when Mr Jawarish became owner of his own studio myself and my family have followed him to his new studio. I have had other...

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Joshua M.

Best martial arts dojo out in the Temecula, Murrieta area....

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Sabrina H.

I have Known Mr. Jawarish for about 7 years, i have watched him grow as a martial artist, train along side him in another style and now get to train under him and with him still. Hes an amazing person...

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Our Mission at Integrity Martial Arts

At Integrity Martial Arts, our mission is to provide a professional environment for students of all ages. In our Martial Arts school students feel at home, families are supported and everyone works together as a team. Our program promotes the 5 Tenets of Taekwondo: Integrity, Perseverance, Courtesy, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.

Our classes are taught by trained professionals with many years of martial arts experience and leadership skills. Our instructors are able to assist students of all ages and skills. Through the art of Martial Arts, students will become more successful whether at home, school or life.

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Learn About the Services Integrity Martial Arts Offers

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem

    Confidence & Self-Esteem

    Confidence is the most vital part of a martial arts training regimen. As such, our school is dedicated to providing our students with the self-belief needed to accomplish any goal.

  • Discipline & Self-Control

    Discipline & Self-Control

    Discipline sits as the cornerstone not only of martial arts, but of life achievement as a whole. Our easy-to-follow programs will instill our students with discipline and internal motivation that will improve all aspects of their lives.

  • Self-Defense


    Martial arts, while also a way to achieve fulfillment and self-esteem, are also a great tool for use in physical defense. Safety is a constant worry in life, and our school will arm students with a variety of ways to keep themselves and their loved ones out of harm's way.

  • New Friends & Mentors

    New Friends & Mentors

    Our school is not just a service, it is a family. Any new students welcomed into our fold will be treated as personal friends and are sure to make connections that will last a lifetime.

Get Your Whole Family Involved At Integrity Martial Arts.

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